I am a cabin in the woods
warm crackling fire, blanket, soft chair,
cat curled up at your feet
while you sleep

I am a grizzly bear
and I will kill you
if I have to

I’m the all-you-can-eat dish
picked to the bone
my flesh grows back delicious
and tender as ever

I am a succulent peach, fragrant sweet
juice all over your face

I am Yin, my womb
the cup of life
The first and last tear
and every drop in between
I am the embodiment of grief

I’m the smoky voice
of a sulty jazz singer seducing you
with my song
sex and sweat and moans of pleasure
I am the elation of love

I’m a tiger lily in bloom
displaying my beauty
before you
and I am fertile
aching, open, ready

Cara Brant, Septmember 2003